Composting is serious business and the right machine can mean the difference between good and bad compost. You may not want to purchase a compost turner that can only help you with some of the work, so what do you do? At SCARAB, we can build a custom compost turner that works just right for your operation.

Our History

In the early 1970s, SCARAB was formed when founder Marvin Urbanczyk was contacted by a local feedlot. They needed to find a better way to manage manure and bedding. Marvin overcame many obstacles in the early days of his company and earned the SBA 1991 Texas Small Business Person of the Year Award. He also received the Hi Kellogg Award which is given to those who have had a positive and lasting impact on the US composting industry. Understanding Marvin is one way to fully appreciate the machines made by SCARAB. He was raised on a farm and started his own farming operation after earning a college degree. He has the experience needed, especially with large farm machines, to understand how important good equipment is to any operation. His vision for the company has always been to build machines that last, do not break down, are operator-proof, and do the job they were designed to do. SCARAB compost turners are fuel efficient, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. Marvin is a hands-on owner and builder who insists that his company be accountable for every step. This means that you can trust your turner to be reliable and produce the best results possible.

How our machines help lower costs

The difference between SCARAB machines and those offered by our competition is that we focus on quality and the lowest total cost of ownership. Our products have unmatched fuel efficiency and productivity with belt-driven or hydraulic models to help you save. The components we use are oversized for longevity and reliability. Your total operating costs are reduced through our design flexibility and high-quality materials. With a variety of payment options, we make getting a compost turner simple. If buying a new or used custom turner is not your preference, we have leasing options available for both new and refurbished models. This means you will save money over time and be able to budget better with regular payments.

Customized SCARAB compost turners

There are many features for you to select from when choosing SCARAB to design a turner to meet your needs. Diesel engine choices include John Deere, Caterpillar, and Cummins. You can pick from an auger or a flail drum, a hydraulic or belt-driven drum drive, and choose a tire or track drive. All of our compost turners can turn windrows between 10′ x 4′ and 29′ x 11′ depending on your needs.

Model 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′

Our 6′, 8′, 10′, and 12′ models are good for small to medium composting jobs. You can choose between these sizes to find the best fit for your processing capacity. Along with our standard features, like the ergonomic cab and easy-to-use joystick controls, this model also comes in an economy size.

Model 14′, 16′, 18′

We offer 14′, 16′, and 18′ models for medium to large jobs. These models can come with more horsepower and drum styles to fit into your larger operation. Like all of our compost turners, these machines have a limited lifetime warranty on the drum.

Model 20′, 22′, 24′, 27′

At 20′, 22′, 24′, and 27′, our biggest compost turners are the largest in the private and commercial sector. These compost turners offer the most variety for drum styles and horsepower and are perfect for commercial and municipal composting operations.

Compost turners from SCARAB International

For more information about custom compost turners, talk to the experts at SCARAB International today. We specialize in building compost turners that meet the unique needs of each operation. You can choose from New, Used, and Refurbished turners, as well as our Leasing Options. We work with local dealers to ensure that replacement parts and repairs are available to you when you need them. Call us at (806) 883-7621 or Contact Us by email to learn more, and Find Out how others have enjoyed our machines!