What Types Of Food Waste Can Be Composted?

Monday, August 16th, 2021
pile of food for composting

No matter what type of composter you are, it is important to know what can be mixed into your product. This includes the types of foods that can be used as feedstock. For commercial and industrial composters, it can be even more vital to know in order to meet quality and compliance goals. Here are some common food items that can and cannot be composted.

Good foods that you can compost

Vegetables and fruits are both types of food that can be used in your compost. From potatoes to bananas and peels to raw slices, you can include these in your compost pile and windrows. Just be sure that they do not include any stickers (with glue) or anything that cannot be composted with them.

Eggshells can also be composted and provide a good source of nutrients to the mixture. Drying them before adding can help them break down, although large operations may not have time to do this step.

Adequate foods you can compost

If your operation gets food from individuals, you can also take things like cooked rice, bread, sauces, and casseroles. If these items contain dairy or meat, you should NOT include them in your piles. This is because they can attract pests. If your operation can handle pest control, it is okay to include them, however.

Herbs and other food items you use to garnish and spice up your meals can be included in compost. However, if you use any plant material in your feedstock, just make sure it has not gone to seed or is diseased. If your quality control fails, you could end up spreading weeds and plant disease on your property.

Small quantities of cooking oils can be composted as well as dairy products. Dairy products won’t cause any issues with the mixture, but they can attract pests. Coffee and tea waste can be included in the mixture too. Just be sure not to include any packaging when you throw it into the compost.

Composting animal food

You don’t just have to compost food that humans eat, but also animal food. For example, hay is flat and decomposes quickly, so it can make a great base for your mixture. Straw is also quick to decompose and will help add heat to support microbial growth. Animal pellet bedding can be composted safely, as well, and is especially helpful if it includes manure.

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