A compost turner is a machine or tool that comes in a variety of sizes and allows you to turn piles of all kinds. A SCARAB compost turner is specifically made for turning windrows, which are long piles of compost. There are a lot of other things that set a SCARAB apart from other compost turners.

The SCARAB difference

SCARAB is the smart choice for compost turners. With unbeatable fuel efficiency and total cost of ownership that can’t be matched, SCARAB makes sure you get maximum value when it comes to getting your job done right!

  • You won’t have to wait weeks for your repairs with our expansive dealer network. We even offer one-day shipping for most parts and many components can be found locally!
  • Our design flexibility lowers operating costs, while our pad-saver option makes sure you get the most material possible on every single pad. Also, the D5 tracks promise traction even in the most challenging conditions.
  • With decades of expertise in the field, our innovative team strives to create turners that exceed expectations. We have a comprehensive selection of designs and are always seeking ways to better serve composters with cutting-edge machine upgrades!

Here are some other reasons to consider our compost turners.

Belt-driven and hydraulic options

We offer belt-driven and hydraulic models to help you save money. Belt-driven drums give you unmatched productivity and fuel efficiency. SCARAB is the industry leader for belt-driven and hydraulic drums.

Keep in mind that our belt-driven drums provide about 50% more of all available horsepower to the drum than hydraulic drums. This means lower fuel consumption and less time in the windrow, resulting in lower labor costs. For larger composting operations, these savings can exceed the cost of the equipment in less than ten years.

Oversized components

Investing in a compost turner from us comes with the peace of mind of knowing that you are getting unmatched durability and reliability. Our oversized components (including radiators, engines, drive systems, suspension hydraulic systems, and final drive motors) offer greater performance than standard size – guaranteeing your investment will go the extra mile!

Payment flexibility

We know that getting any large equipment is an investment in your operation. That’s why we offer many payment options! If you aren’t ready to purchase a new or used custom turner, we have leasing options available for both new and refurbished models. You will save money over time and be able to budget better with regular payments by choosing to lease with us.

SCARAB compost turners are custom-built

No composting operation is the same, so we make sure that all of our compost turners are custom-made. When you are ready to invest in a SCARAB, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of configurations and model sizes. We will help you choose the best engines, drum drives, drums, cabs, and more! If you’re curious to learn about the specs, check out our brochure.

Need to speak with a member of our team?

To learn more about our Custom, New, Used, or Refurbished compost turners, call us at (806) 883-7621 or Send Us an Email today. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!