The best compost is one that is nutrient-rich and produced quickly, and aerated and turned windrow composting can create this resource. Entities that require such high-quality compost are mostly large-scale farms. The more composting your farm can handle, the more you save on capital and operating costs. Your farm likely needs to adhere to strict deadlines to meet plant and harvesting dates, so creating this material on a regular schedule is vital. The following will detail the best method for large-scale composting and how to effectively maintain windrows for efficient production.

The best method for producing large amounts of compost

The best way to produce compost is by aerating and turning it. Your farm will want to use a windrow turner to blend the compost more efficiently, especially since you will be working with larger piles of material. You can quickly produce compost by turning it on a weekly basis. This method of composting may bring to mind large windrows that are piled high and wide. However, the size of each windrow is dictated by the size of your turner. The larger your turner, the larger your piles. Just because you need a large amount of compost does not mean you have to use large windrows. Your farm can operate large-scale composting by utilizing a medium-sized turner on multiple windrows. Most windrows are about eight feet high and twenty feet wide, so plan according to your available space as well as the size of your compost turner.

Maintaining windrows for efficient composting

Ideal windrows will be kept indoors or covered by geostatic material to keep out moisture. You need to turn and aerate the windrows to stimulate microbial production by oxygenating the soil, but moisture damages and slows this process. The structure protecting your compost does not need to be complicated. A simple building with a roof is sufficient to keep out most precipitation. For aeration, your farm can utilize a piping system built directly into the concrete. A floor-based aeration system reduces odors, which can be a community concern, and decreases the time it takes to produce compost.

Large-scale compost turners from SCARAB International

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