Composting is now a widely accepted practice in many industries, including at equine facilities. This is because feedstock is highly compostable and composting creates an efficient way to get rid of stable waste. Here are some other benefits of this practice in the equine industry.

Composting can save you money

Taking care of horses means you likely have a lot of waste. Depending upon the size of your facility, you may have to pay hefty fees for that waste to be hauled away. Prices are increasing throughout the waste-management pipeline, especially due to environmental concerns. Your facility can compost refuse on-site, eliminating the need to hire haulers and pay disposal fees.

Composting can help you MAKE money too

Horse manure, leftover food, pellets, and traditional wood shavings can help create a high-quality compost product. All of these have been found to contain the right nutrients and chemicals to enhance the decomposition process. The price you could receive for compost or fertilizer varies depending on the area you are selling it in. Even manure itself can sell for a reasonable price.

Tips for starting your composting operation

If you are interested in composting at your equine facility, you need to know the basics. First, you will need to decide what scale you will be composting on: small, medium, or large. You will likely choose small or medium, so focus on tools and supplies for those specific operations. Next, you should become familiar with composting methods. Common techniques include in-vessel and windrow composting. Finally, you will need to have a plan to start and continue the process successfully.

If you plan on selling your compost, here are some things to keep in mind.

    • You will need to get the word out. You can start by placing ads in your local paper.
    • The internet can also help you advertise your product and help you network with others.
    • You need to research the process of composting. It is a sensitive process that requires the right tools and supplies.
    • You should be aware of laws and regulations about odors in your area.

Compost turners for any operation

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