Engel & Gray Inc.

We value our SCARAB purchases due to the parts availability and the willingness of the SCARAB team to make sure our machine has the most up time that is possible. Our two 18’ SCARAB turners make Harvest Blend happen! We value SCARAB and SCARAB brings value to our Harvest Blend Compost! We operate two 18’ machines, a 1992 and a 1997. That might say it all. When you have equipment and use it, you need parts. SCARAB makes sure that is not a problem. With two machines that are 21 and 16 years old, parts availability is important. SCARAB makes sure we get the parts quick to keep our machines running. The SCARAB team has always been there to answer our questions and get us the right part on time! They keep our turners in the windrow and that brings value! American made machines have a lot of pluses when it comes to local parts availability.