Brian W., General Manager, Norwest Construction LTD

Mark, Over the last week, as you know, we have been under extreme pressure to repair one of your manufactured SCARAB machines. As owner of SCARAB, I feel you should be aware of how your team reacted to our issues. I can’t say enough good things about Kovette. From the phone calls, to chasing parts, measuring parts, chasing vendors etc. to expediting shipping, she was invaluable to us in achieving our goal. I did talk to you and you put me on to your contact at Hydraquip. He knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish and came through in spades. We dealt with no less that a dozen vendors with all kinds of shipping issues and all came through, but your organization was the easiest and best to deal with. Our client has worked for 2 years in a very competitive market to get a chance to prove themselves and the timeline was not movable. Pending the outcome of this project, I’ve been told there may be a sale of another machine in the future. I have told our client that they already have the right manufacturer. Again, Mark, you should be congratulated on running a company with the depth of knowledge and professionalism that your people have. Please thank all involved with helping us out. Regards,