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Engel & Gray Inc.

We value our SCARAB purchases due to the parts availability and the willingness of the SCARAB team to make sure our machine has the most up time that is possible. Our two 18’ SCARAB turners make Harvest Blend happen! We value SCARAB and SCARAB brings value to our Harvest Blend Compost! We operate two 18’ […]

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SCARAB composting machine

Hockey Express Compost

Just a few words to tell you how pleased our company is with the SCARAB machine. It is hard to describe in words how well the SCARAB performs. It has been almost maintenance free with the exception of flails, which have nothing to do with performance. The belt drive offers much more power to the […]

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Cains Trucking

We started making compost in 1984 using dairy manure as our raw material ,we also composted a lot of cotton gin waste and some winery waste for special customers. About 15 years later we bought our 2nd SCARAB and in 2011 we bought our 3rd SCARAB; Our SCARABS have served us well –we make between […]

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Texas Disposal Systems

We have been using the SCARAB windrow turner for about 15 years. We turn compost and also heavy soil blends with our machine with excellent results. We have normal wear on drum and drum parts (flails and hangers) with virtually no trouble with the main body of this machine. On one occasion a new drum […]

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