Popular Models For The Medium To Large Composters

SCARAB Model 14′, 16′, 18′ Options

  • SCARAB is pleased to offer a number of options to enable you to customize the SCARAB with extras to create the machine best suited to the operating conditions and personal preferences. We have found differences in facility operation and location and provide a wide range of options. The following is a list and description of a number of our options available for every SCARAB machine. There are other options available which are not listed. SCARAB will work with you to develop the machine with all the required features of your operations.

    Anti-Vandalism Package — We have heard of the amazing amount of damage that can occur when foreign substances are added to the system fluids. We have heard of instances where the machines have been vandalized. This is the reason we offer an anti-vandalism package which includes locking caps on all fluid reservoirs and fill openings. We cannot guarantee that the system will prevent any damage, but it definitely will help deter would-be vandals.

    Automatic Fire Suppression System — There are times when facility owners want or require additional safety features on the equipment. The SCARAB can be equipped with an automatic fire suppression system as an added protection device.

    Basic Spray System — For operations that require the application of chemicals or other additives to assist in the processing of the material, SCARAB offers a basic spray system. The incremental introduction of the additives can be applied during the turning process rather than having to be added manually at another time. This not only helps reduce the amount of time required, but also provides the immediate mixing of the additives with the material rather than applying it onto the top of the windrow. One application for this type of system that we have encountered is a couple of customers performing soil remediation. One in particular situation, the customer was having to spray the windrows manually which was laborious and time consuming. With this system, it can be done mechanically during a routine turning.