You use your compost turner often, but did you know that maintaining it is often more efficient than repairing it? Maintenance lets you handle issues before they halt operations rather than waiting for something to break before fixing it. The best way to handle compost turner maintenance is to have a plan. Here’s how you can get started on planning compost turner maintenance.

Use data

Most composting operations keep a lot of data, much of which can be used to help you plan and schedule maintenance. The information you consider may vary depending on the size of your business and what you compost, among other factors. The following list can help you start your plans.

  • The hours the compost turner has
  • Typical repair timeframes
  • The cost of repairs and any current maintenance you do
  • How much you could lose from downtime
  • The frequency at which you have to get replacement parts
  • Budgets (daily, monthly, yearly, lifetime) for both maintenance and repairs
  • Tools and parts you have on hand
  • Tools and parts you will need to purchase

Develop the foundation of your maintenance plan

It may be complicated at first, but you have to start somewhere! If you are already maintaining your commercial compost turner, create a list of steps that you currently take. Be as detailed as you can and include things like time, cost, vendors, manuals, and the manufacturer(s) of your equipment. Make sure to notate contact information, budgets, and anything else that is relevant.

Maintenance should be routine or it will not work. A schedule can help you stay on track, even when operations are hectic. Make sure that your schedule, contact information, and list of steps are organized and easy to access. This will help the team in charge of taking care of your commercial composting equipment to do their jobs efficiently.

Include your team

Even though you manage and or own your composting operation, you don’t have to handle compost turner maintenance alone. Choose trusted employees to help you keep up with the job. Oftentimes, maintenance tasks can be done onsite by tech-minded members of your team. Here are some tips to help you get staff on board.

  • Make sure everyone knows the importance of maintenance
  • Ask your team for their opinions or recommendations
  • Establish who would like to participate in maintaining the equipment
  • Find out who usually operates the compost turner because they will be the most familiar with it

Once you have your team assembled, you can involve them in finalizing your plan. It is important that everyone understands their roles. When everyone is on the same page, you can be sure that the job will be done well and efficiently.

Do you need help with compost turner maintenance?

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