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As the leader in the compost turner industry, we recognize that many businesses are seeking composting equipment that not only fits operational needs but also the budget constraints of various composting projects. Therefore, the SCARAB team is committed to working with you in order to accomplish your goals in a fast and efficient manner. Currently, we have 2 different 18-foot used and refurbished windrow turners available for purchase, lease, or lease-to-own. These SCARAB compost turners are more than just used compost machines; they are SCARAB refurbished machines complete with the same materials as a new machine. Many of our used SCARAB windrow turners come from municipalities, private green-waste facilities, private dairies, and commercial feedlots as loyal customers trade in their old machine for a new SCARAB machine. Cost Effective and Customizable

Our used and refurbished SCARAB machines are sold for up to 60 percent of the cost of a new machine. In addition, we provide a 6-month warranty for all turner components. Depending on the refurbishment needs of each used compost machine, the SCARAB team works to customize the turner to match your project needs. Frame is cleaned, sand blasted, re-welded, reinforced, plated where necessary and painted. Items replaced on each machine include Panoramic cab, A/C-Heater, Radiator Fan (Cleanfix), Load Controller, Drum Bearings, Drum Pumps, Pump filters, Pre-Cleaner (Sy-Klone), Wheel Pumps, Wheel Motors, Lift Pump, Hydraulic Cooler, Hydraulic Front and Rear Cylinders, Fuel Tank, Hydraulic Tank, Muffler, Lift valves, All Hoses, All Gauges, Instrumentation, Drum Flails, and all Hardware. Engines are rebuilt to specifications, Radiator is re-cored or replaced, and Drum Motors are remanufactured along with Torque Hubs. As you can see, SCARAB is here to meet YOUR business needs, regardless of whether you are buying a new or used compost machine from us. 
Leasing Options are Available

Depending on a customer’s needs and operations, leasing options are now available for SCARAB compost turners. Due to the dynamic needs of the composting industry, SCARAB also provides a lease-to-own option. Most of the leases we offer are financed by a monthly rate. However, if your business works off of a yearly budget, we will allow you to finance your Scarab machine at an annual rate. SCARAB offers 3, 4, or 5-year leases for the turners, but ultimately our team will customize a leasing agreement to fit any operation. We recognize that many new composting projects require compost turners for short periods of time, and we are committed to providing for this need. There are more SCARAB windrow turners that have been working for longer in all corners of the world than any other manufacturer. SCARAB has built a reputation for reliability, longevity, and operational service that none of our competitors can match.

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Welcome to our listings of SCARAB compost turners for sale! Here we will have new compost machines for sale as well as used compost turners for sale. Sometimes there may be a refurbished SCARAB machine that is completely overhauled and costs half the price of a new compost machine for sale too. Check back often as we will be updating this page when new and used compost turners are for sale.