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the truth in advertising

Misleading statements you will often hear when in the market for a new machine

Our machine is more fuel efficient

“Our machine is more fuel efficient because it consumes XX gallons of diesel per hour.” You will usually hear this claim from companies that have included a smaller engine in their quote in order to appear more competitive and to reduce their price. Most manufacturers can install any size engine you need or want. Fuel efficiency of a turner should be measured by the units (gallon/liter) of diesel consumed per unit (ton/tonne) of compost turned

Our hydraulic drum is strong and turns material that would stall out a belt-driven drum

This is absolute hogwash! The only thing that has stalled out is sales of hydraulic drum turners….for us and our competitors. You’ll only hear this misleading statement from turner manufacturers who don’t offer a belt-driven drum. Even a first year engineering student can tell you that at a maximum of 65% of available horsepower can be transmitted hydraulically while belt-driven drums transmit almost 98%. Call us and we’ll calculate the fuel and labor savings you can expect from a turner with 50% greater efficiency.

Use a watering system that is built into our machine.

SCARAB can provide this option but discourages it because applying water with a machine is at least 3-5 times more expensive than more common methods. Operators using this system complain that it can take over 2 hours to water a 300-400 ft windrow and consume over 40 gallons of diesel. Factoring in the cost per hour for the turner, plus labor and fuel translates to over $400 just to water a windrow one time! Only the manufacturer benefits from selling you a watering system. A good business partner won’t take you down this path but will help you understand and select the best watering option for your operation.

We have quoted a comparable machine.

Don’t be mislead-make sure your specifications accurately and completely reflect what you need. In an effort to appear competitively priced several manufacturers frequently quote a smaller machine and smaller engine than other competitors. For example, they will claim their machine is an 18ft machine (the machine size specified) but it is actually about 16ft wide and has scrapers/track clearers on each side that “draw in” the other two feet of material. Most manufactures can equip their machines with scrapers. To ensure you are being quoted comparable machines be certain to specify the width of the turner’s tunnel. And be certain to specify the engine horsepower you need.

Machines built of hollow steel tubes contain corrodible hollows.

This statement is usually made by manufacturers using a steel plate frame. SCARAB has many machines STILL IN USE TODAY that were built many years before these companies produced their first turner. The truth is tubing used in our machines is welded closed which prevents corrosion. Further, the tube frame is much easier to keep clean than the plate steel designs available today. An examination of the steel plate designs reveals an endless number of pockets and crevices that capture and hold debris and moisture. Keeping these pockets clean is problematic.