Composting In The United States And Other Countries

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

It is estimated that municipalities compost up to 65 percent of grass and yard trimmings including tree branches, bushes, and leaves. However, nearly 60 million tons of solid waste that could be composted is not diverted from landfills every year. This material is a valuable resource that is simply being left to waste when it could be used in both an environmentally and economically friendly manner.

This material includes paper waste, food scraps, and fish/meat byproducts. When these materials are added to the mix of materials that are composted, they cause a considerable reduction in the amount of landfill space that a community requires. Additionally, these materials can add valuable nutrients and minerals into the soil. Even so, most communities still do not compost food waste. Food waste comprises only 1.6 percent of the material that is composted, even though it represents one of the largest additions to city landfills.

Composting in the United States

Municipalities throughout the United States have long been experimenting with composting programs. Cities such as San Francisco and Seattle have reduced the amount of material being deposited into landfills by 24 percent and more each year. This reduction has had a positive impact on their budgets and it has also helped to curb their landscaping costs throughout the year. This has allowed more money to be spent on community projects including adding additional parks, building schools, and improving city services.

In New York City, nearly 1,700 tons of biodegradable waste is collected and composted every day. Composting has reduced the city’s reliance on outside landfill locations and provided a valuable resource. As with many communities, any excess that is generated is sold to offset the cost of composting and provide an income source for the city.

Composting in other countries

Composting is the future of waste management. European countries have long recognized this. Austria composts nearly 34 percent of its waste, and the Netherlands composts 28 percent. It’s a trend that’s spreading to France, Germany, and Spain, which currently compost roughly 18 percent of their waste. As Americans become ever more eco-conscious, it is a trend that many are eager to see spread to our shores.

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