If you are starting or improving your commercial composting operation, you should look for the best equipment for your needs. Your machinery will determine the quality of your compost and the efficiency of the composting process. The equipment you choose can also affect productivity and your financial well-being. For example, if you don’t use the right compost turner, it may need more maintenance and repairs over time. This could cause significant downtime and decreased productivity. The following can help you choose the right supplies for your needs.

Factors to consider before choosing tools, supplies, and equipment

When buying or leasing new equipment for your large-scale composting needs, you must think about the entire process. The right choice should not be the largest or most popular machine. It should be the equipment that will increase efficiency, reduce costs, and make the best product. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for your equipment and supplies.

Customization options

You should ask about the possibility for customization when looking at composting equipment. Design flexibility is critical because it will allow you to create a unit that can meet your performance, size, and productivity needs.

Ease of maintenance and repair

All your composting equipment will need maintenance to work at peak efficiency. So, you should think about choosing equipment made with local parts. If the equipment uses local parts, you can find them at nearby suppliers, instead of shipping from other regions. But, you should also consider the reputation of the dealer you are working with. Finding a professional dealer that can customize your equipment may be better than hiring a local company.

Equipment efficiency

You should determine the efficiency of different compost turners and other equipment. You can look at equipment that can deliver more power while consuming less fuel. For instance, turners with belt driven drums consume less fuel than other models. It is also important to make sure that your equipment has parts that are intended for large-scale composting.

What types of equipment, tools, and supplies are right for me?

After considering the above information, it is important to find the best tools for your specific operation. But, there are some essential supplies that every composter will need.

Compost screen

If you are planning on making fine compost, consider getting a compost screen or sifter. This tool will prescreen the compost before it is applied or distributed. Prescreening is particularly critical if the compost is intended for top dressing. Fine compost will integrate with more ease than coarse material. You should research sifting options for your large-scale operation from your equipment supplier.

Other important composting supplies

You will need other supplies for the production of high-quality compost. The most essential are starters and accelerators. The compost starter will provide your fresh compost windrows with microorganisms. The microorganisms will allow for the fast decomposition of the material. The compost accelerator increases the activity of the microorganisms for an even faster process.

Compost turners

Compost turners are the most critical pieces of equipment for large-scale composting. These machines are designed to introduce air into the mix and increase the rate of decomposition. This also makes the product more uniform. When choosing a turner, consider the different sizes and buy the unit that matches the scale of your operation. It is also important to identify the best powering option. There are three primary types of compost turners: self-propelled, pull-type, and front type. Self-propelled models do not need to be connected to other equipment during operation. They have an attached cabin where a person can drive it over windrows. The alternatives are mounted to tractors or other equipment. If you are interested in this design, you should have a suitable tractor to pull it.

Where to find a commercial compost turner

If you find the right composting supplies for your operation, you can produce high-quality compost for years to come. To learn more about compost turners or large-scale composting, talk to the experts at SCARAB International today. We specialize in customized compost turners that meet the unique needs of each operation. You can choose from New, Used, and Refurbished turners, as well as our Leasing Options. For more information about our Products, call us at (806) 883-7621 or Contact Us by email.