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Our Mission

At SCARAB, we strive to assist worldwide composters to realize their maximum potential.
Customers trust our company and love our commercial and industrial compost turners.

Our Vision

To be the most respected and thriving company serving composters all over the world.
To make innovative contributions to the compost industry for the improvement and prosperity of humanity.

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SCARAB derived its name from the Egyptian Scarabaeus Sacer. Held sacred by the Egyptians, the “SCARAB Beetle” is the symbol of fertility and immortality. It patiently rolls a ball of waste across a field, then buries itself within the ball, eats it and emerges to begin the process again.Back in the early 1970’s, a local feedlot contacted SCARAB to develop a way for managing the bedding and manure produced by the feedlot. This conversation produced the first SCARAB compost windrow turner machine that is pictured here.Marvin Urbanczyk, SCARAB’s founder, attained worldwide marketing and financial success after conquering challenges early on. Marvin earned the Small Business Association, 1991 Texas Small Business Person of the Year Award. The US Composting Council awarded Marvin the Hi Kellogg Award, in 2006, recognizing him for leaving a positive, long-term impact on the United States composting industry.

SCARAB’s founder, Marvin Urbanczyk, grew up on a farm, earned a college degree and then started his own farming business. Large equipment has been part of his whole life and he discovered early on how essential good quality equipment is to an operation. His vision for SCARAB has always been to build a machine that lasts, does the job it was designed to do, doesn’t breakdown due to an inadequate understanding of potential stresses placed on a machine, uses fuel efficiently to minimize cost, and is simple to maintain and operate.

He is also a hands on perfectionist who won’t cut corners to squeeze additional profit from machine sales, who has no patience for hype or features that add no value and who is obsessed with what is practical….not what sounds or looks good. He’s a hands on builder who insists that SCARAB be responsible for every step –from design to assembly. To this day his office is the one closest to the plant.

After numerous innovations and over forty years, SCARAB is the worldwide leading manufacturer of self-propelled compost windrow turners. Our machines are in use throughout the United States and in 19 other countries. Current innovations make SCARAB a leader in reliability, low working costs, fuel efficiency, and high production capacity.

Thank you for visiting our SCARAB website. We look forward to learning about your specific operation and exploring how a SCARAB compost windrow turner might be “just what you need”.