A Few Things To Know When Starting Your Composting Business

If you are interested in starting a composting business, you probably understand the benefits you can get. This industry can be profitable and is also good for recycling waste. But before you begin, it is good to do a little research first. The following are some helpful tips you can refer to when starting your composting venture.

The basics of your business

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is if composting is right for you. It takes work, some investment, and a willingness to learn to be successful at making compost. It will be helpful to understand the following (and more) before going into this business. 

  • Composting cycles
  • Local regulations regarding waste management
  • Large-scale composting methods
  • The costs of equipment, supplies, and other aspects of opening a business
  • What you can and cannot compost
  • The science behind composting, like temperature, moisture levels, microorganisms, and chemical compounds that may affect your product
  • Where to get waste for your compost

TIP: You can find places that are looking to give away their organic waste products for free or a low cost as long as you pick them up. You can also offer a place to dump organic waste. 

You must be able to identify your target market, which can include municipalities, farms, and anyone who needs large amounts of compost. By taking care of the entire composting process, you will be saving your clients time and earning large profits. So, you should understand how your product will help them and how to convey that message. The growth of your business will depend on many factors such as your dedication, local laws, and audience needs. 

Some equipment and supplies you will need

Once you have some of the above factors sorted out, you can begin thinking about the details of your new business. This includes your location, your costs, and your processes. You can also start finding your equipment and supplies. 

To prepare for buying your tools and supplies, it is helpful to know the scale of your composting business and the size of your actual compost site. This is something you may need to know while planning the initial costs for your business as well. 

  1. First, know what materials you will be composting, how much waste you will need, and how much compost you want to produce. 
  1. Next, create a schedule based on the above information. This schedule will keep you on track.
  1. Once you know this information, you can begin looking at equipment and supplies. If you already have equipment, you can base your windrow sizes on that equipment. If you do not have anything to turn the compost but know the size of your windrows, you can look for machines based on that information. 
  1. Finally, you can start looking at supplies like screens, starters, and accelerators.

Finding the right compost turner

A compost turner machine is vital to the success of your business. Large-scale composting requires heavy duty equipment that will be long-lasting. These machines will be capable of helping you produce a high-quality product for many years. But, you must find the right compost turner for your new business. 

Compost turners mix air into the windrows to speed up the decomposition process. This also helps move the right amount of moisture through the pile and regulates the temperature. The size of your windrow will help you determine what size turner you need. You can get small, medium, or large self propelled turners or machines that are pulled by a tractor. If you need a customized compost turner, this is an option as well. Make sure to speak with a professional to find out which turner is right for you.

Compost turners from SCARAB International

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