Waste is a problem that every municipality has to face. Composting is an effective way to shrink the mountains of waste into molehills. Not only does composting reduce the amount of landfill space a community requires, but it also creates a valuable product that can be used to reduce city budgets. In 2011, nearly 87 million tons of recovered waste was composted within the United States. Composting benefits municipalities in many ways by reducing pollution, increasing the permeability of heavy soils, and creating a balance between macro and micronutrients within the soil.

Reduces pollution

Composting is effective at reducing pollution within a community. As biodegradable material is composted and used to beautify parks and recreational areas, it reduces concentrated methane production and groundwater pollution. Methane production is 25 percent more toxic than carbon dioxide and it is important to minimize the impact of this within the community. Composting waste also reduces the nuisance of birds, rodents, and insects. These nuisances can multiply rapidly within landfills where biodegradable refuse creates a ready and rotting food supply for them to feast upon.

Increases the permeability of heavy soils

When used within the community, composted material helps increase the permeability of heavy soils. This increase is especially useful in communities that receive considerable amounts of moisture throughout the year and are at risk of flooding. Permeable soils also help increase water-holding capacity, which can help communities where moisture is at a premium. By helping to reduce moisture loss, areas where composted material is integrated into the soil will remain lush and green longer than other areas.

Creates a balance between macro and micronutrients within the soil

Composted material is essential for creating a healthy level of macro and micronutrients within the soil. One factor in this is the cation exchange capacity of soil, which makes it easier for the soil to hold and maintain the correct nutrient balance and pH levels. The healthier the balance, the healthier the overall environmental landscape will become. Over time, this balance creates a lush, green landscape for residents to enjoy. In turn, this helps attract business and investment within the community.

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