This is a 22′ X 11′ windrow being turned by our Demo SN 475 which is an 18′ X 7′ machine. It’s moving at 95’/min.

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Size Matters – SCARAB Compost Turners are customized to fit YOUR needs

When looking to buy a compost turner, you may realize that many manufacturing companies are limited to producing only a few machine sizes. However, SCARAB compost machines are customized to fit your specific need. When building a compost turner for you, we start by identifying your composting needs as a small, medium, or large project based on the amount of compost (in tons) the windrow turner will need to turn per year. Many of our small and medium compost machines are used by farmers and composting businesses, and the largest SCARAB turners are used by big private and public sector composters.  SCARAB compost machines can be used for any composting project. Whether you need a compost machine to turn municipal sludge, grape stems, sea kelps, pons, cow manure, or any other product used to make fertilizer, we will build a SCARAB compost turner for your needs.

The SCARAB difference

After discussing your composting needs with our knowledgeable staff, the SCARAB team will work with you to build a customized compost turner perfectly sized for your project.  We offer an unlimited number of compost machine sizes in each small, medium, or large composting level. If you want a 19-foot compost turner, we will build you one. If you bring in specific measurements required for your composting project, we will build a SCARAB compost machine down to the exact measurement. Every part of the SCARAB turners are customizable, which is something you won’t find in other compost turners.

Customizable and tailored made

We understand that having the option to choose a customizable size is important. The composting industry thrives on efficiency, quality, and uniformity of composting piles. SCARAB recognizes this and focuses on building machines that are tailored to the customer, while also helping the customer to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Size is important because there is a relationship between size and efficiency in the composting world.  The bottom line is that SCARAB compost turners are here to meet YOUR needs. After all, SCARAB was the first company to build composting machines in 1972. The founder of SCARAB, Marvin Urbanczyk, first designed the compost turner to meet the expanding needs of the farming and fertilizing community, and to this day, SCARAB continues to focus on the dynamic needs of its customers.

SCARAB machines are self-propelled; straddle type turners that will turn 6 through 27 foot windrows. There are belt driven or hydraulic driven machines available with a patented track design and independent suspension that allows the machine to “float” across many varieties of terrain. The multiple drive system options are: front drive tires with castors in the back or transverse configuration, four wheel drive, rubber tires, and full track from 14-30 inches wide. Drums are available in six sizes, with eight flail designs and various configurations. 

Convenient maintenance and prompt shipment of parts for your SCARAB compost turner is available from dealers in your area. 

REFURBISH your SCARAB at about half the price of a new windrow turner.    LEASING OPTIONS for new and used (refurbished) compost turners are available too.  Do you have a SCARAB to SELL?     We have customers who contact us often for a pre-owned SCARAB.

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Beware of Confusing Information when Comparing Windrow Turner Machines